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SIEP MISSING  (5 april 2004)

Last Friday night Siep was missing. Sorry - you don't know who Siep is? Well, have a look at this weblog.

When Saturday came, she was still missing, so our daughter hung up posters.

On Saturday, around midnight, when it was very quiet outside, I called Siep's name on the balcony. And this time I heard a very faint meow.

After some searching we finally found Siep in a tiny back yard. She must have dropped ten metres or so. 

We couldn't get her out. The police was called and they also found it too dangerous. 

All we could do was wait until Monday, when the owner of the yard where Siep had landed would return and give us access to his yard.

The daughters hung a basket with food and drink on a very long rope and lowered it a few times into the yard, so Siep wouldn't starve.

Finally, this morning the owner of the yard arrived. My wife called on him and got Siep back home. Of course, the first thing the cat did was lick herself clean. And now she is fast asleep.

We're proud of Siep for being such a great cat.

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