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SURGERY  (22 december 2003)

The family cat is called Siepie (pronounced 'seepy'). This is what she looks like:

10 weeks old

half a year old

Charming, isn't she? But since a week or so, Siepie has started being in heat - or as we say in Dutch: "Siepie is krols."

It all started a few days ago with her producing a piteous kind of meaowing, so that the members of the family asked each other what would be the matter with the poor creature. But gradually Siepie developed a way of moving which she had never shown before: while still making wailing sounds, she now pressed her belly against the ground, while her rump stuck out high above. And then there was this other thing, Siepie peed in beds - a habit she never displayed before.

So now the question has arisen: do we want this show twice a year or so? And secondly, since Siepie can go out of the house from time to time and is sure to come across tomcats: what to do with the little kittens that Siepie is then bound to produce?

The answer to this question will be effectuated tomorrow, when Siepie will be taken to the veterinary clinic.

Yes madam, sorry, but we see no other solution. But if you insist, I'll keep you posted.

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