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SINTERKLAAS 2  (31 december 2003)

On 28th December I wrote here that on New Year's eve the family would hold a Sinterklaas party, and I bet you're dying to hear more about it.

Please don't ask me to publish the rhymes - the details are too embarassing to be published on these pages. But I can show you the "surprises".

From left to right:

  • my younger daughter's room in miniature. There may be a connection with the fact that her room is not permanently in a state that could be described as "tidy".
  • a chess computer made of cardboard that I received because I am supposed to have something with these machines.
  • a cardboard picture for my wife that symbolizes the distress caused by the construction work carried out under our apartment.
  • a table lamp decorated with pictures of my elder daughter's favourite television series Friends.
Needless to mention that the family had a great time making and receiving the rhymes and the "surprises".

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