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The French seem to have very little confidence in the strength of their own culture.

Why else would it be that the French government passed a law stating that at least 40 percent of the songs must be French?


My sweetheart was trained a teacher of French. 

One day she read that it is possible to receive information about the programs of TV5 (pronounced tévé cinq) through email.

So she visited the site, had to invent a password and clicked that she wanted to receive the advertized information.

But when the information arrived, it was rather disappointing.

So in order to cancel, she once again visited the site. 

But before she could cancel, she first had to produce her password. Well, she must have written it down somewhere. But where?

Several requests have been written to TV5 requesting to stop these unwanted emails.

Nothing can persuade TV5 to stop sending unwanted information.

Which makes one wonder: would TV5 receive subsidy for every subscriber to their (even unwanted) service?

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