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WINTRY AMSTERDAM 2  (28 february 2004)

This morning it was snowing again. I'll show you just one picture

Why such a big picture? 

In a recent weblog I told you about stadsdelen (sub-councils). This picture demonstrates one more disadvantage.

What we see is a bridge. The cycling path on the left belongs to one sub-council, the one on the right to another one. The one on the right has been cleared of snow, the one on the left hasn't.

One sub-council cleans cycling-paths, the other one has different priorities.

Well, even if you don't find this as strange as I do, I hope you like the picture of wintery Amsterdam anyway.

The next time I'll try to present a weblog, in which Amsterdam will figure in quite a different way. 

So that may be something to look forward to.

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