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SIEP ON HOLIDAY  (26 july 2004)

The family have gone on holiday.

We were a little worried about Siep. Would our pussycat behave herself in the car?

Well, we needn't! All the way to the holiday cottage, Siep sat quietly in the back of the car.

After our arrival, Siep started exploring thoroughly every square inch of the cottage.

Siep exploring

The first night she still slept upstairs on the bed.

But the second night, after she had explored the cottage thoroughly, she obviously felt safe enough to sleep downstairs in an easy chair.

Siep asleep

On the third day we thought she felt sufficiently at home in the cottage to be allowed outdoors.

Very cautiously she ventured outside the kitchen. We were happy to see how much caution she displayed.

Siep close to the kitchen

First, she spent an hour or so exploring the garden. Every time she heard an unexpected noise, she hurried back to the kitchen.

But finally, she felt confident enough. And then she disappeared and stayed away for more than half an hour.

Siep in the garden

We are pleased to see Siep is enjoying her holiday as well as we do.

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