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POOR SIEPIE  (23 december 2003)

Just for those who are interested in the welfare of the family cat: this morning she was operated on. At a quarter to nine, my wife and I took her to the veterinary clinic in a squarish shopping bag, which is normally hung at the side of the carrier of a bicycle.

Of course, with her fierce character, she seems not to have been very friendly towards the nurse who put her on the operation-table. But everything went well, and now Siepie is back home. To prevent her getting the stitches out of her belly, she has been provided with a kind of plastic lampshade, which at first sight, gives the impression as if she is using a megaphone.

The rest of Siepie's day was not very pleasant. First she was groggy, and moving around with the megaphone around her neck proved to be quite a difficult task. 

Later the sedation wore away, and Siepie was clearly feeling more and more miserable. She wanted to hide in secluded places - which was a bit of a problem because of the megaphone mentioned earlier.

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