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ABOUT OUR HOLIDAYS  (23 august 2004)

As you may have noticed, the family have been away for a few weeks.

We have been on holiday in Zeeland, in the south-west of the Netherlands, where we usually spend three weeks or so during the summer holidays.

It's always a problem to get all our luggage into the boot of the car. We put everything in plastic bags. After all, your organs would not fit into your body if you had them in boxes, or would they?

Many families put their holiday photos in an album. But in our family, we usually make a 'book' of our holidays, not only with photos but also with descriptions, especially of what our two daughters do. 

Our daughers can be quite creative. For instance, one morning at breakfast, I saw them using  the a styrofoam packing-tray for playing one of their little games. 


So one day they'll inherit a large heap of holiday books, in which they can read about the days when they were children. 

Let's hope they'll enjoy reading them as much as their dad did making them.

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