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GRUESOME,  (22 january 2008)

In today's newspaper I read that an American prisoner will probably be released because of the work of a Dutch couple.

In 1987, Peggy Hettrick, manager at a women's clothing store in Fort Collins, Colorado, was found stabbed to death near the house of fifteen-year-old Tim Masters. Masters had seen the body, but told officers he thought it was a mannequin left in the field as a prank.

When he confessed this, he immediately became suspect no. 1.

Tim Masters, 20 years ago

He was acquitted, but found guilty ten years later.

The couple Richard and Selma Eikelenboom are engaged in DNA research and have investigated the victim's clothes, on which no trace of DNA of Tim Masters was found.

Why was Tim Masters really found guilty after ten years? A search of Tim Masters' house yielded some drawings, which can be called gruesome and which, according to psychologist Reid Meloy proved Tim to be the murderer.

Now that the Dutch governement increasingly complies with American requests for extradition of Dutch citizens, I decided to have a look at  drawings I made during my youth, and found this one made some forty years ago:

Can you understand I no longer feel safe?

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