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EUROPEAN CLOWN  (22 january 2004)

So many exciting things have happened recently that I almost forgot to mention one of the most important news facts.

The Iranian earthquake? I agree that's tragic enough, but don't people who refuse help from certain sides, implicitly profess to be in a state of relative luxury?

The Dutch qualifying rounds of the Eurovision songfestival? Sorry, I don't care for that kind of fun. And to me the question who's going to win there is about as interesting as the question which is the prettiest dog in Amsterdam.

But what important news did I forget to mention?

As you must have noticed, somewhere in Europe, there's a statesman who seems to have come straight from the circus.


During his first great European appearance he made the mistake of confusing the European Parliament with the circus, and used "arguments" that would be more appropriate in the market place - although I'm aware this latter statement might be considered offensive by people working in markets.

Well, there were more and more indications that our clown had been involved in a few not completely legal affairs. So you would expect that, just like anybody else he would have to appear before a court of justice.

But no, this clown and his henchmen managed to manipulate the law in such a way that the clown could no longer be prosecuted. Smart, isn't it?

"But what's the good news", you may wonder. The good news is that a high court of justice decided that the Immunity Law that the clown and his comrades had invented, was deemed unconstitutional.

Needless to say that the clown was not happy about this verdict and showed his ignorance about the workings of the state by loudly protesting that the verdict was worthless since the judges had not been elected democratically.

Maybe there's still some hope left in Southern Europe ...

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