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CD COPYRIGHT  (21 december 2003)

The subject of CD copyright is interesting enough to dwell upon it once again. 


Everybody can see the way in which the recording industry tries to persuade youngsters to buy their products. All means seem to be permitted when CDs are promoted. The video-clips they produce are often not far removed from pornography. 


Let's not forget: the consumers of pop music are not a bunch of millionaires, but young people, easily influenced and having very limited financial means. 


When it comes to questions such as if the video clips made by the recording industry have a good influence on the way young people look upon this world, the recording industry is the first to advocate almost unlimited "artistic" freedom. But as soon as young people try to get for free what is so powerfully rubbed into their faces, the same recording industry doesn't stop insisting there are such things as copyright laws. 


That people are prepared to pay a lot of money for the music they like is clearly seen at pop concerts. So let the artists give as many pop concerts as they like. This will still earn them a lot of money. But if they can't make copying impossible by technical means, the industry might consider lowering their prices, or just accept their losses, and maybe artists just have to learn to live like normal rich people and no longer own the hundreds of millions of euros that nobody really needs.


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