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TIMES ARE CHANGING  (15 january 2005)

When my daughters were very young, they had a large stock of video tapes at their disposal.

Very early in the morning, they got out of bed and sat down to watch the television or any of their video tapes.

Both my wife and I had jobs, for which we had to get up early. So in the weekends we were in need of a good sleep-out.

Seven o'clock was a bit early for our taste. So during the weekends we decided to take turns to make breakfast for the children and keep an eye (that we had trouble to keep open) on them.

But times have changed ...

These days, we sometimes hear them come home at 4 AM. Needless to say we won't find them in front of the television at seven o'clock in the morning.

A pleasant detail is that both parents can now have their sleep-out.

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