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About a week ago, I wrote about the fact that a key for the Tiger chess program is dependent on your hardware. I concluded that "it only works on the first piece of hardware you install it on, and no more than that." ( click)

This conclusion, however, seems not completely justified. I'll tell you why:

When I discovered that the key did not work with the Tiger program on the new Clié pda, I wrote an e-mail to the support department of Tiger Chess. This was on 8 June. When I had not received any answer on 10 June, I wrote my weblog.

The following day I happened to have a look at my "spambox". And what did I find? the following message dated 11 June from the support department of Tiger Chess: 

Dear Chess Friend,

Please do the following:

1) IMPORTANT: download the latest version of Chess Tiger

from http://perso.wanadoo.fr/ct_chess/ChessTiger.zip

and install it on your handheld.

Don't forget to install both chesstiger.prc and book.pdb!

You can install over an existing version, it works fine.

2) send us the "Registration code" displayed by the program

when you tap on the "Register" button (might come up as

identical to the current one).

Please quote this email in your answer.

We will send you a new key!

What would have happened if I'd never opened my spambox (as so many people seem to do)?

Anyway, three days is quite a long period for the kind of reply that Chess Tiger - with their peculiar system of keys - will send out quite regularly.

But I answered immediately. And this morning I again opened my spam box. 

You may wonder why I open my spam box so frequently. Well, I've been on the Internet since the times when there were not so many of the species of vultures called "spammers". So I left my email address behind too lavishly.

So now almost every spammer in the world seems to know my email address. And my spambox catches more than a hundred spam emails a day. But about once a week I find a serious e-mail among the rubbish.

Anyway, today (14 June) I received Tiger's key . . . in my spam box, of course.

Finally, in case you're wondering if there are any alternatives to Tiger's system of registration keys, here are two messages that were posted on Ismenio's great chess computer forum ( click):

Chessgenius's licence is linked to the user so if you change your pocket pc, you can install Chessgenius again.

Alain Zanchetta

Hi Tom

I bought Hiarcs for my Palm Zire 21 which was great until the Zire 21 died on me

I bought another Palm to replace it and reinstalled Hiarcs and there was no problem, works fine and is a great piece of software

Best wishes


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