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Original?   (13 november 2008)

What a cool and stoic man, I thought, when at Joe Leno's show I heard McCain say: "I've been sleeping like a baby". Gosh, he's quickly shaken it off, one tends to think -- until he drily adds: "I sleep two hours, wake up and cry. Sleep two hours, wake up and cry ..."

Remarkable statement, so remarkable that when that same day I look up "wake up and cry" + "like a baby" in Google, the first five pages are filled with McCain's trouvaille. Also the Dutch and Belgian tv repeat the joke.

But somehow I have a feeling I've heard this one before. So once again I turn to to the ultimate resort of the uncurable curious, Google, and type: "wake up and cry" + "like a baby" -mccain. As you may know, that's the way to find places where McCain is not mentioned.

And lo and behold, there is an earlier one in the Jewish World Review about the elections of four years ago.

But soon I find there are lots of other places where this 'original' joke can be found, like here, here, here, here and dozens of other sites.

One wonders if McCain's team really couldn't have found him a more original text than a recycled one by Bob Dole from twelve years ago?





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