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EASTER EGGS  (13 april 2004)

With perfect timing, one of our turtles laid eggs on Easter day.

You never saw turtle eggs? Well, they're three to five centimetres long and one to two centimetres wide. Look, I made a picture for you.

Are we going to get little turtles now? No, I'm sorry, we have two females, so not much chance of a turtle family!

Anyway, most of the eggs broke in the water. And after a while it smelled like rotten eggsoup. The aquarium had to be cleaned - which is a rather nasty job. After about one hour of work involving a few garden hoses, the water was clean again:

As if we didn't have enough eggs in the house, my younger daughter and two of her friends painted some eggs:

But the weather was fine, a real Easter sun. So I went out walking with my sweetheart. One of the things we saw in the city was a rather exotic motorcar. But the parking police appeared to have been less enthusiastic about it:

I admit, not much of a coherent story today. But I hope you liked the pictures I took for you and will be back next time.

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