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DECEPTIVE APPEARANCE  (11 september 2004)

Sometimes you see garbage collected by someone who looks like a professor. The man you see in this picture looks like a hippie, but is really a multimillionaire.


It's quite likely that you already know: appearances can be deceptive.

Today I received a chess computer that I'd bought via eBay. No, this time not a faulty one (click). 

Its name was Novag Accord. It looked quite impressive:

To find out how well it played, I organized two games against the Tiger program on palmtop computer Zire (click).

Chess Tiger - Novag Accord

It was clear: black didn't have a chance. Let's see if Accord plays any stronger with white:

Novag Accord - Chess Tiger

Am I disappointed to have bought such a weak chess computer? No, I am a rather weak chess player myself. So now I have one more chance to win :)

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