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SINTERKLAAS 2007,  (9 december 2007)

If you have no idea how the Dutch traditionally celebrate Sinterklaas (St Nicholas), you could have a look at this page .

It's been four years since the family last celebrated Sinterklaas ( with rhymes and so-called surprises). But this year we finally decided to go all the way again.

Some of the rhymes were quite breathtaking, but you won't see them here. I can imagine not all those concerned will appreciate such a publication. But so much creativity has been invested into the surprises that I don't want to withhold pictures of these wonderful objects from you.

  • Izaak was presented with a giant spice nut, baked by Sinterklaas himself, into which presents had been hidden.

  • Joost received a huge Southpark figure, made of papier-mâché, in which (amongst other things) he found an abundance of socks.

  • For Lea, who her daughters would have loved to present as a candidate for a television quiz, Sinterklaas had made the quiz Een-Voor-Tien (One-For-Ten). Lea played it like a champion.

  • For Liset, who earns a little extra as a supermarket cashier, Sinterklaas made a cash register, which could also be used to decipher her rhymes.

  • Tom, whose weblog reveals the wrongs he finds at the Overtoom, was the lucky receiver of the Overtom Game, which he played and won brilliantly -- mainly because he was the only contestant.

  • And Violet, who commutes between Amsterdam and The Hague, was surprised with an extra-large alarm clock and an extra-small carriage of the Dutch Railways both made of cardboard.


Isn't it surprising that such an old saint still displays so much creativity!

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