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KALEIDOSCOPES  (1 february 2005)

One of my fascinations in this life is the kaleidoscope


When I say fascination, this is not something you should think of too lightly. My elder brother once called me a monomaniac thus proving to be one of the first to discern that my fascinations really border on the obsessive.

In our family, the typically Dutch folklore of Sinterklaas used to be celebrated with great fervour ( click, click ).

For one of these celebrations I decided to combine the festive occasion and my personal obsession and to make a kaleidoscopic projector.

For many days I visited craftsmen, garages and other places to get the ball-bearing and all the other parts needed to make the contraption I had in mind.

The projector did really work, although -- I must confess -- it was quite a bulky affair.

For some time, the projector resided in my younger sister's home. But during holidays she allowed foreigners to stay at her place -- and we know how foreigners can be, don't we?

So if you were hoping to see anything, I'm afraid the projector has vanished, and all I can offer is a link with pretty pictures (

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