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22JAN09: Einstein plays chess.
    (Does Excalibur's latest handheld play like a genius? )

19JAN09: Customer-friendly
    (a story from long ago)

13DEC08: The weakest ever
    (Excalibur look-alike turns out to be extremely weak)

25NOV08: CHESS computer??
    (An eBay object wrongly advertized as a chess computer)

15OCT08: Paw In The Bottle
    (Fritz-5-ply punished for its greed)

01JUN08: Still Going Strong
    (TASC, an old one, but still very strong)

31MAY08: eBay agony
    (The long and worrisome wait for an eBay TASC computer)

03APR08: Very funny!!
    (Would an antique Senator computer be able to checkmate?)

23FEB08: Explosive stupidity
    (Can the Dutch postal service deliver a chess computer?)

31JAN08: Not bad for a snail
    (an extremely slow organizer that plays reasonable chess)

15JAN08: Joyless joystick
    (Is a joystick very essential to a chess computer?)

19OCT07: Curiouser and curiouser
    (Quirky games between chess computers and Fritz-one-ply)

30SEP07: A four-year-old niece
    (Chess computers can be extremely stupid.)

11SEP07: The same program?
    (a few games suggesting identical computers are not the same)

30AUG07: Rubber Chess Board
    (A rubber USB chessboard, is it more than a gadget?)

25MAY07: A chess computer for masochists
    (antique chess computers: a self-inflicted torture!)

18FEB07: A toy that plays chess
    (Would Gameboy - with Chessmaster - be able to play chess?)

30JAN07: Interesting Berliner
    (Elektroschach, a famous shop in Berlin)

27JAN07: A look at the inside
    (a closer look at the entrails of Touch Chess)

18JAN07: Handheld from Barcelona
    (a Novag handheld found in Barcelona)

17JAN07: Happy Birthday To Me
    (Ancient chess computer on a birthday card)

30DEC06: Good value for money
    (a very strong but inexpensive computer)

22OCT06: Legendary twins
    (CXG's Legend and its relatives)

19OCT06: Pretty bargain
    (Capella as a bargain at eBay)

03OCT06: An East-German oldie
    (SC2: impressive hardware, but less impressive play)

02SEP06: Testing weaklings
    (Four cheap computers tested)

27AUG06: Putting things right
    (Is Mini Chess really weaker than Chess Champion Mk 1?)

14JUN06: Chess Tiger Revisited
    (an important key found in my spambox)

10JUN06: Fussy Tiger
    (Tiger Chess seems to works on only one organizer.)

08JAN06: Surprise - 2
    (Cock de Gorter discovers Rybka.)

05DEC05: Surprise
    (a strong twenty-dollar computer)

23NOV05: A star among chess computers
    (Kishon Chesster, not your average chess computer!)

02OCT05: Rules Of Thumb
    (Rules-of-thumb are handy, but there are exceptions.)

01SEP05: Sudden Death
    (Mephisto Mystery too strong for Constellation)

10JUN05: Really the best?
    (Is Excalibur's Talking Touch Chess as strong as is claimed?)

09JUN05: Value for money?
    (a 70-dollar computer that actually cost 170 dollars!!)

20MAY05: Designed to break?
    (Fidelity and Excalibur computers, pretty, but unsturdy)

16APR05: Does Barbie play chess?
    (Long ago, Mattel made a chess computer.)

05APR05: Recycling
    (It pays for manufacturers to re-use their designs.)

13FEB05: Does it want to win?
    (Does Mephisto Maestro want to win in a winning position?)

09FEB05: Hard to handle
    (Can Excalibur Escort really be used as a travel computer?)

08FEB05: Master vs Maestro
    (Maestro means Master, but do they play the same?)

20DEC04: Nice to see
    (Chess games between computers can be an entertaining spectacle.)

01DEC04: Pretty but nasty
    (Glass Chess is nice to see, but as vulnerable as its name suggests)

13NOV04: Two surprises
    (Cheap but strong computer from market offers another surprise.)

15OCT04: Brain versus brawn
    (One ply, not as simple as it sounds.)

14OCT04: Antique chess computer?
    (Was the Turk a chess computer?)

06OCT04: Pretty chess?
    (A pretty computer does not necessarily play good chess.)

02OCT04: Too strong for beginners?
    (Fun levels may still be too strong for beginners)

13SEP04: an unintelligent machine
    (There were quite a few morons amongst older chess computers.)

11SEP04: deceptive appearance
    (Novag Accord looks nice, but can it play chess?)

24AUG04: How positive is progress?
    (Do you want to buy a computer that beats you all of the time?)

15JUL04: Pocket chess computers
    (a few handheld computers)

06JUL04: Chess Master 3
    (Chess Master does not play as well as it looks.)

01JUL04: Chess master 2
    (Advanced Star may be small and old, but by no means weak!)

30JUN04: Chess master 1
    (Chess Master is no match for Chess Tiger)

02MAY04: arena for chess
    (Arena, a free program with many possibilities)

04FEB04: Fritz fray
    (You won't contradict Fritz is a great program, will you?)

09JAN04: Rebellious Chess
    (Rebel Decade, a free but strong program)

02JAN04: a low-prized palm computer
    (Zire and Chess Tiger, a wining combination)

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