NEWT, a simple Java editor



What is NEWT?
    Newt is a simple environment for programming Java applets.


      All the applets on this site have been made with NEWT.

Advantages of NEWT:

  • It's free.
  • It's small.
  • It's lightning-fast.
  • It uses minimal system resources


How to use NEWT?

1. Only once you have to make a batchfile which serves to ...

  • make the path point to the bin directory of the JDK
  • to make the folder with your applets into the present directory
  • to start COMMAND.COM


Then give this batchfile a sensible name, such as STARTJAVA.BAT. (Never use the name JAVA.BAT!)

Two examples of such a batchfile:

  cd \ProgLang\Java


  cd \applets
  path %path%;\JDK11~1.9\BIN

2. Making a new applet (e.g. MyFirst.class):

  • Start batchfile (see no. 1). You get into the applets folder in the "command-mode" 
  • Type the following command:

        newt MyFirst

NEWT.EXE will now make 6 files:
  •, the beginning of an applet.
  • JE.BAT used to edit
  • JC.BAT used to compile
  • MyFirst.html, a rudimentary HTML-file (needed by all applets)
  • HT.BAT used to edit MyFirst.html
  • AV.BAT used to show the applet by means of Appletviewer


Editing is done by:


Compiling is done by:


Editing the html file is done by:


The applet can be seen with:


Can I open an existing java file?
If you type NEWT with the name of an existing Java file, the existing Java file will not be overwritten, neither will an existing html file (if such a file exists). 

Where to put NEWT?

The best location for NEWT.EXE is the BIN-directory of the JDK-installation.


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